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About the Show

Lightweight was born from a deep desire to share my unique journey through eating disorder recovery using humor. For many years it lived only in my mind, for I feared that putting it on the page would trigger painful memories, and that sharing it out loud could trigger others who are personally dealing with addiction, disordered eating, or any other mental health struggles. I had nearly a decade of recovery behind me when I spoke to a healer/therapist (okay, she was a psychic... and a really great one), who helped me make a profound discovery when she asked me, "When you were ill, at your absolute lowest, with no hope, and believing that you had no chance to live through this... don't you wish that you had someone who had also been there - but who had survived - to share their story with you? Very few people make a full recovery from eating disorders. Imagine if you had a survivor to show you that it is possible to not only survive, but thrive". Of course, I answered "Yes"! If I had had a living example to look up to, it would have helped me tremendously on the days of which I thought would be my last. "Well," the wonderful healing psychic lady said, "Now you can be that person for others. You can be the person that you needed so badly. And perhaps that is the purpose for your survival". With that, I wrote Lightweight with pure truth and playfulness but also with caution and awareness. There is no mention of specific weight, no fat-phobia, and it is not a "how to" on becoming anorexic. What Lightweight is is a brutally honest and yes, HILARIOUS journey through eating disorder and addiction recovery. It brims with hope, laughter, and joy. Anorexia nervosa has the second highest mortality rate of all psychiatric diseases, second to opioid addiction, yet is rarely discussed so openly. 

~ Amie Enriquez

Run time: 70 minutes 

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